August 2, 2015

Liz makes a fridge magnet out of a frame

I love the $1 bins at Michael's. It's always filled with fun journals, pouches, pens, etc. The other day, I went into Michael's and saw these really cute, little frames. They were baroque-esque and completely adorable. I just had to get one. I don't really have a bunch of extra space on my desk, so I knew I couldn't put it there. So I came up with this idea to make it into a fridge magnet!

July 27, 2015

Liz makes a cactus pin cushion

Until today, all of my sewing pins were stored away in -- wait for it -- a sandwich baggy. Yes, I was keeping my pins in the worst place possible to keep pins. I bought a whole butt load of felt today, so I decided it was time to make a pin cushion.

July 11, 2015

Liz makes embroidery hoop art: Namaste

I'm a sucker for puns. Call me lame, but I think they're hilarious. I also (as you probably know by know) love to embroider. So when I saw a sweatshirt on Pinterest with the words "Namast'ay in bed" on it, I just knew I had to embroider it.

July 1, 2015

Liz makes a newspaper basket

Lately, my make-up has been all over my bathroom. I decided to make a little basket for all of it, and my inspiration came from this post. Mine needed to be a little smaller, because I don't own much make-up. Here's my version of the newspaper basket. Hope you like it!

June 21, 2015

Review: Simply Chic Jewelry

A friend of mine, Rachel, over at Simply Chic Jewelry on Etsy let me have some absolutely beautiful jewelry to review. I love the jewelry she offers as I love druzy stones incorporated into jewelry.

June 14, 2015

Liz makes soft pretzels

I absolutely love soft pretzels. Wetzel's Pretzels, Auntie Anne's, Target... All delicious. However, did  you know you can make the same from home? I'll show you how in a few easy steps which only includes 8 simple ingredients and no mixer! Easy!